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Yamaha Champions Riding School... on a Bagger

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Yamaha Champions Riding School...
on a Bagger

I had an opportunity to sign-up for a 1-day YCRS course out at Quantico Marine Corps Base this upcoming Saturday May 20th. Quantico has a HUGE, 9-acre large, blacktop that makes for an excellent motorcycle training range. However, I waffled for too long in my indecision on whether to sign-up, and now I fear that the Saturday May 20th may be all filled-up. Bummer. I've taken a few MSF-Circuit Rider Courses on my big, wide, and heavy bagger, and they were a BLAST on that big, 9-acre large, blacktop out at Quantico. I sort of thought that the Yamaha Champions Riding School course would be the next step up, but I wasn't sure if there'd be other big, wide, and heavy bagger bikes in attendance. So I waffled... and waffled... for too long. And now that Saturday May 20th training course may be all filled-up. Perhaps I might be able to sign-up on a standby slot in the event some other rider no-shows.
Aside from waffling with indecision for too long, the weather forecast calls for a 65% chance of liquid sunshine that day. Admittedly, I'm not too keen on the idea of taking a motorcycle training course during liquid sunshine. I might melt.
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@Army Tanker Awesome, I can’t wait until our thanksgiving day ride to see you demonstrate
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