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I love my Jackpot, love the clean lines. The majority of my riding is just kicking around town. I haven’t taken any day trips or long cruises. The reason is that at 70+ the wind buffeting my upper torso is exhausting. I’m 67 and just can’t do three plus hours of that kind of torture. Has anyone put a windscreen on a Jackpot that doesn’t detract from its sexy lines? I’m thinking of o something that could be added the night before a longer ride and then removed. Suggestions? Question is worthless without photos. Show me what you got.
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This forum and you guys are awesome, so willing to help! So, I decided to switch gears ( pun intended ) test rode a Challenger. There is a lot to love about this bike. The balance is phenomenal, loved the retracting wind screen, never used cruise control before that’s kinna cool, very responsive. Dealer in Knoxville seems to think I could have one in less than a month. I’m keeping my Jackpot cause it’s just so sexy.
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