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When did you notice victory.

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Back in 2000 my wife and i rode out to cape fear hd to order a 2001 road king classic.This was the time of the harley craze.Bikes lined up from one end of the store to the other,all with a sold sign on the handlebar and a dont sit sign on the seat.We sat at adesk with a saleman and told him what we wanted to buy.There was no negotiating on price,if you didnt like the price then step aside because the person behind you was willing.Thats the feeling you got.
We were required to put down a 1000 dollar deposit and the understanding that if we backed out of the purchase only half the deposit would be refunded.We signed the contract,our salesman handed us a parts catalog and we were ready for our nine month wait.I couldnt believe we were doing this.
about a month had passed and i was sitting at the dining room table looking through the yellow pages and under motorcycles i saw the victory sign and a picture of the v92c.What was even better, the dealer was about 5 miles from home.On my next day off i decided to drive over and see for myself.why not,i only had another 8 months of waiting.So im in the dealership checking out a 2000 v92c,and andy comes over and introduces himself and starts telling me about the bike.Then he says go get your helmet and take it for a ride.I told him i couldnt because i didnt have my endorsement.Then he walked away and came back with all the information for the rider course.He said go take the course,get your endorsement and come back and ride this sob!.
And thats what i did,i got it, went back and rode that sob and grinned ear to ear while dong it.I was sold right there, the bike just felt right,and more important i was riding an american made motorcycle and it wasnt ahd.Thats what i like,go against the grain,not with it.
About a weekafter that demo ride ,i cancelled my order with hd, lost 500 dollars,and was much happier doing so.a month later i had my 2001 v92c deluxe and never thought twice about my decision.Its amazing what you can find in the yellow pages.Below is what promped this thread.
Two days ago i rolled my work truck into a gas station to fill up.Two bikes came rolling in and onewas a 2001 v92c deluxe in green and silver,my first victory.It brought back alot of memories and even a couple of tears.I went over and asked if he was the original owner. No he bought it used he said.I kinda got the feeling i was bothering him,so i got in the truck and went back to work.Still a good day for memories.
So when did you notice victory,
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I was looking to buy a FXSTC. Saw a Vic dealer while on an errand and stopped in. Did some research. Ended up with a Jackpot Premium that was a hold back at a deep discount. I also need a bagger for 2-up and as a grocery getter. Looked really hard at the FLHR, but rode a Vic TC realized it was a better ride than the newer road kings, although the FLHR was shinier.
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