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What's the best polish for billet wheels?

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Currently, I'm using Mothers mag wheel polish on my Vegas, which does a pretty good job. Although, I wonder if there is anything on the market that is better. If you look at my wheels from one direction, they have a mirror like finish. If you look at them in direct sunlight, you can notice a little haze and real fine scratches in them. Of course, that might just be the nature of the metal, too. Just wondering if there is anything that is better than what I am using.
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I use simichrome for wheels and pipes.Its a polishing cream nota wax so to the touch the parts dont feel slick.On my first bike the pipessat very close to the bags,and they would get small pieces of leather burnt to them.
This stuff would take it right off,just use a microfiber cloth and real small dab of simichrome as this stuff aint cheap.Then wax over it if you want.Personally you wont need it.
You can get it just about anywhere ebay,amazon,etc.
Good luck,
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