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What (brand) type & weight of oil

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What type/brand of oil is everyone using in their Visions?
Synthetic? Changing it every 7,500?
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I use Amsoil 10-40 and it shifts nice and smooth. If you go to vision-riders or vmc cant remember which there is an Amsoil rep that will refund your $10 fee and you can get the oil at a much lower price than retail. For the filter I went with the one from Conquest Customs which is reusable and will last the life of the bike. All you do is clean it and put back on. I saw a post where someone had sent in their oil for analysis and the oil was still good at 2500 miles. Sending your oil in for analysis is the only true way to tell at what interval you should be changing your oil. The old car rule 6 months/3k mileage under normal driving conditions is not necessary with todays engines and oils but you'll find lube shops still pushing it for their revenue.
Victory's rule of every 2500 miles seems a little shortto me but I'm going to use it until I get around to sending it off for analysis.
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1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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