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What are you thoughts on Excelsior Henderson...

Discussion in 'Victory General Discussion' started by KeepRidin!, Aug 24, 2020.

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    Yah.. I can tell from that short video that if things had worked out differently I'da had me one of them. They're literally like 'a brother from another mother' to the Vics. Biggest thing that kept me from buying one 20 years ago was my history/experience with another marque I really liked; Moto Guzzi. I freaking loved those things.. but any work needing to be done, or parts, upgrades etc was just too much pain.
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    The Henderson name is similar to the Indian name as it was an original turn of the century brand (#3) that has been resold a few times. Was hoping that Textron would have found interest in and bought the name and restarted it since the name came up for sale a couple years ago.

    Amazingly I actually saw one in the wild during a poker run this summer. Talked to the owner of the bike who apparently was the president of the EX owners club. Wish I had gotten his name. Learned a few things from him. They do have a line on parts. Hanlon produced roughly 2500 bikes that were actually sold and when the doors shut their warehouse had enough parts for 2500 more bikes. He told me the owner's group has access to those parts, so he wasn't concerned about availability of parts with so few bikes actually on the road. We talked about the EX and Victory connection. He said it was true that a number of engineers did move to Victory.

    Funny I was the first person that day that recognized what that bike was. He stated that if he went to a ride with multiple brands represented, people will talk to him about the bike, but at a mainly HD event (which this was) nobody seems interested. I was on the Challenger that day and told him about my KP. He said that explains the interest in and my recognizing what his bike was.

    If I get a chance i'll upload photos later.
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