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Well, duh!

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Weather broke so I decided it was time to get more than 6 miles on the odometer. Didn't have the juice to start! The other night while I was playing with the stereo and learning the buttons, the thought crossed my mind, "Better start it up so you don't drain the battery." Guess what I didn't do! Anyway, I was going to jump it, but the clamps on my booster are too big. So I go get the Battery Tender to hook it up. I was trying to find a good place to hook the ground and noticed this familiar looking plug, followed it to the battery, A BATTERY TENDER CONNECTOR! I love this bike and haven't got to put a single mile on it yet!
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Outside storage: I do not have a garage so I keep my bike under a canvas cover. I attached a solar tender, here is a picture of it. Because of the nasty weather here in New Jersey I haven't been on my bike for 12 days. I went out today, detached the tender and it fired right up. (-: I should mention that I carefully enclosed the entire solar panel in clear plastic wrapping to protect it from rain and snow. It is pretty much watertight.
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The battery tender braid on mine did not come standard, I had to have it installed. I believe my braid came with Tender Solar unit.
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