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Well, duh!

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Weather broke so I decided it was time to get more than 6 miles on the odometer. Didn't have the juice to start! The other night while I was playing with the stereo and learning the buttons, the thought crossed my mind, "Better start it up so you don't drain the battery." Guess what I didn't do! Anyway, I was going to jump it, but the clamps on my booster are too big. So I go get the Battery Tender to hook it up. I was trying to find a good place to hook the ground and noticed this familiar looking plug, followed it to the battery, A BATTERY TENDER CONNECTOR! I love this bike and haven't got to put a single mile on it yet!
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I bought my Judge in October with 9,996 on it, and I think it rolled over on 11,960ish when I pulled in the garage yesterday. I rode 700+ miles in the first week, and nearly froze to death doing so on the way out to the mountains (no regrets). My daughter is six and she went for her first little ride yesterday. My intention is to wear this thing out so I can buy another ASAP. I absolutely love my new (is it still new after 2K?) bike and I'm sure you will.

However, if you don't get some mileage on it soon... I might have to start comparing you to my brother-in-law who rides his Harley 10 miles at a time and never if it is too cold, hot, rainy, sunny, windy, or otherwise.
You are darned right it is new. At 2k miles it is almost broken in. Good luck wearing it out. My Vision is at about 28k miles and is no way acting as if it is wearing out. I have replaced the tires once and the front brakes twice though.
No battery tender connection on my 2013 Vision so I don't know that they are "standard". I never use my seat heaters although I do ride down to about 20ºF. The grip heaters are a different matter. Mine tend to be on "low" at anything below about 40ºF.
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