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Vision Tour Driver's Backrest

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Do ya'll have any recommendations for a driver's backrest for a Vision Tour? I've seen some online on some websites, but I'd rather hear your input.
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I'll toss in a pic when it's not raining. Going on a ride Saturday to La Grange, so that'll be a good time to take one. I have the bag attachment on it, and it covers up the metal bracket. I also went to Tractor Supply and got a 1/4" pin to use as a quick disconnect, in case I don't want to have it along or to just stow it in the trunk for a bit.

Rode to La Grange on Wednesday this week to get lunch at Reba's. Stopped off at Weikel's for some great Kolaches. Weather and traffic were perfect. Weather cool, sunny and dry. Traffic non existent. If you were going on Sunday, I'd go with you. Saturday I have to work. Enjoy.
That's not the Blanco court house, the parking is different. Which one is that? And, yes, to let me know if you're out and about. See if we can get together. I am slowing down at work, so on certain days during the week I might ride out somewhere for lunch to a place I haven't been.. Joes in Fayetteville has good lunch specials on Thur. and Fri. Luling has the City Market for barbaque.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts