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Someone asked me the other day if my Vision is a true Dual, I know its not I said no.
I was asked then what is it? I thought about it and said it more like a two into one with a divider splitting the two pipes.
Question? So when it is tuned one cylinder front or rear is not dedicated to either pipe? I said no they are divided and shared.
Question, so lets say I had popping on one side of the exhaust? how do you know which cylinder is causing it.
I felt like saying leave me alone...I thought about it and said , both cylinders are tuned individually and the sensors are at the header way before the muffler. Must be another issue.?Like what?

I want to slap my self at this point...Exhaust leak somewhere?, shifting habits? and open exhaust, and even an improper tune.
Question? But I had my bike tuned and it pops. I asked both sides? no one side?

I said assuming you got a good dyno you should have tested the bike before giving the Ok if you are happy or not... he took it out of the garage and asked me to ride it, I took off freezing my butt off. came back, He asked well. I said nothing runs perfect no popping. he was shocked , cant be.

I said get on and humor me, show me how you shift and use your throttle and clutch.. OMG his throttle hand was like it had spasms. he was barley closing the throttle, More like a twitch. I said you must have had a sport bike before this Victory? he said yup.

Its an interesting story because after my ECM tune I had the same problem. My bad habits kicked in and I was shifting like a sports bike, I had to smooth it out and time everything a bit smoother and slower and hit the sweet spot.

Back when I was getting my Vision re-tuned, I made the comment that the popping was not happening before.. Rob the tuner said before what? The previous tune.. The simple answer was that My previous tune was way over fueled masking many things. It was reiterated to me in a nice way how crappy my shifting and throttle work was. I worked on it until I put my bike away, and he was right.

Just a reminder how easily we can fall back into bad habits.

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Trying to figure a way to keep both. I love my Vision but having a good girl and a bad girl is awesome.
Can you say "used market"???

Helloo.....there are a zillion great deals.

I bought my Judge for $13,000 with 500 miles, with windscreen and extended warranty. Mom's gave me $13,500 on trade in and bought a 2012 Xroads (in 2012) with extended warranty and lots of extras for $14,000. I paid the $500 difference.

Just bought a 2015 Chieftain for $13,000 with at least $3000 in add ons...receipts for everything. Sold what I didnt want and got $1200 back this past month. Net is about $12,000 for a bike with 6000 miles.

Keep the Vision and grab a deal. You know this is the time of year! I buy all my good deals in fall/winter.
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