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Viking hard bags install

Discussion in 'Victory General Discussion' started by hunter3203, Jul 18, 2016.

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    Originally posted in the Judge forum

    I've been looking around for some hardbags for my bike. I've used the Leather Lykes in the past on other bikes but they don't make them for Victories. That seems to be par for the course from what I've seen. The mounting position for Victories is quite a bit higher on the fender than other bikes and I'm guessing makes installation a little tougher. Anyway, I did see where Viking makes bags for the Victory and their prices are pretty hard to beat. I ended up ordering the Lamellar Slanted leather covered bags. They were running a sale and the delivered price with mounting hardware was only $360.

    The bags arrived the other day and I must say I was impressed with how good they look. They're a fiberglass bag with a leather covering and they're completely lined inside, looks like leather or vinyl. From what I've seen, Viking has made some adjustments recently to improve the bags. The hinge mounting has been reinforced and the bags now use a common key. Kind of ridiculous that they used separate keys before. They've also introduced a new mount just for the Victories that allows greater freedom in mounting. Now there is a definite DIY aspect to the installation. You mount the hardware on the bike, decide how you'd like the bags to sit, outline the bracket on the back of the bag and then drill the mounting holes yourself. I spent considerable time getting them mounted like I wanted. I'll attach a link to the pics from the install.

    Album: Viking hard bags install

    A quick note, I received the correct mounting hardware for mounting the brackets to my bike, various length socket head bolts and spacers. It looks like they made a mistake and sent me a bag of hardware for another bike as well instead of the bolts and screws for mounting the bags themselves to the brackets. Rather than go through the trouble of waiting on the proper set to be delivered I went to the hardware store and spent $10 on bolts, fender washers, etc.

    The brackets themselves are about an inch thick and properly space the bags away from all moving parts. I happen to have the quick connect sissy bar and that harware's thickness ends of pushing the bags further away.

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