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Victory Vision Seat Alternative

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Has anyone upgraded their stock seat to any third party provider? I am not happy with the stock seat - I get swamp butt and my tail bone gets sore after about an hour in the saddle.

I am looking at Corbin as they provide an alternative with the heated seat option - any stories out there or advice?


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Also, there's a guy on here named Mike that does some very custom work, look at HMD520's photos.
I'm still looking into maybe doing a gelpad near the centerdriver's seat, and taking the high lip off theback of the pillion. I have a couple compressed discs and it causes a little sensitivity, and the wife hates that lip on the pillion pushing on her tail bone. Maybe later this winter because I hate to not ride, I like the cold.
If I pick a place I'll get back to you if their work is good. BTW, moving thisd thread to the Vision forum and looking in there for seat mod postings will get you some good info.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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