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Victory Vision.... or Cross Country???

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Victory Vision....or CrossCountry which will prevail.??
I love the Vison... its a bike that handles as well as it looks..Great power....
I must say i have not riden the Cross Country.To me it seems as thou they were trying to mimic the Road glide...As if they were trying togo afterthat crowd of people.
From what reports i have heard .. the bike is great.. but has no comparison to the Vision. They say the Vision handles better and is a smoother ride.
Not knocking the bike.. after all....its a Victory.
I just hope they dont try to replace the Vision with this bike... that would be a sad day. I like living"outside the box'' byriding a Vision. Sets you apart from the rest.
Sorry for the mix up on the Cross Roads?/ LOL
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hmd520 said:
I would love to see them build something to compete with the V-Rod. Its the only thing really missing from the lineup. All the bikes are great and have their high points on each..
Victory has done a great job covering the bases.
I've owned V-Rods since they were introduced and the Hammer is the "muscle cruiser" in the Vic lineup and aside from it being air cooled, is the exact same formula.

In fact, when I test rode the Hammer I was amazed how similar they were and actually think the Hammer is a more comfortable ride but that's subjective depending on your body type and riding style. Change out the "flat" Dunlop 250 with a 240 Metzeler or Avon and I'm sure the Hammer will even outhandle the V-Rod.

What it doesn't have is the sweet motor of the V-Rod, that's currently the best V-Twin power plant on the planet, IMHO.
keithgrey said:
Dear Santa,

Since I've been Very Very good and stopped showing bad drivers my pistol, and throwing spark plugs at them more than a decade ago,,,,,can I have????

Coincidentally, I spoke with one of the marketing directors at the Vic meeting during bikeweek and was told, in no uncertain terms, that the CORE concept bike was built with the ability to meet all DOT requirements and could be built for a whole lot less than anything in the current Victory lineup if the powers that be decided to produce it. The biggest problem, product canibalization. Because it could be built and sold for close to $10K there's a fear it would take sales away from the Hammer, Vegas and Jackpot. I don't really buy that but it's the way the bean counters think.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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