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Victory Vision.... or Cross Country???

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Victory Vision....or CrossCountry which will prevail.??
I love the Vison... its a bike that handles as well as it looks..Great power....
I must say i have not riden the Cross Country.To me it seems as thou they were trying to mimic the Road glide...As if they were trying togo afterthat crowd of people.
From what reports i have heard .. the bike is great.. but has no comparison to the Vision. They say the Vision handles better and is a smoother ride.
Not knocking the bike.. after all....its a Victory.
I just hope they dont try to replace the Vision with this bike... that would be a sad day. I like living"outside the box'' byriding a Vision. Sets you apart from the rest.
Sorry for the mix up on the Cross Roads?/ LOL
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I'm sure the Core will come out at some point it's just when.

If I had to pick between a Vision and Cross again I'd probably go Vision.

Both bikes have their strong and weak points.

Storage goes the Cross

Vision gets the long saddle award for comfort.

Handling I would say is virtually identical, maybe a slight edge to the Cross
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