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My Dad took his new KP in for it's first oil change. They noticed that the chrome had popped off of part of the lower part of his left side fork. No big deal they would just keep the bike for a week and replace it.
So the dealer orders the parts and the wrong ones show up. My dealer calls the plant tells them what happened so they send out another new part. Wrong one again. Then my dealer starts watching the computer real close and notices on the last screen when he orders the part it switches it just before the order goes through. This back and forth went on for about 3 weeks. Luckily Dad has been deer hunting so he's not missing the bike.
What does Victory do? Since they kept getting the wrong part....free of charge they send a completely new Chrome front end for Dad's KP. That's an $1100 upgrade. Wonder if I can figure out how to get that to happen to mine? Probably not, my lowers aren't even chromes like his to start with.

Of course in the end a big thanks goes out to Victory for stepping up and making good on their mistake. Just reminding me why I own one and talked Dad into getting one.
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