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Victory Race Bike

Discussion in 'Victory General Discussion' started by Unfinished_Projects, Jul 21, 2021.

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    Pretty sure the biggest culprit is frame flex and sustained high rpm runs. The engine is used as a stressed member but just doesn't seem to hold up in road racing. I've cracked two heads now, one in a chopped frame with down tubes removed and one in a full frame (that still retained the down tubes and lower frame rails).

    The Victory design really isn't a true full frame with traditional frame rails. The engine 'hangs' from the frame, especially off the front cylinder head mount. This is done by many manufacturers and is a very common and effective frame/engine design, but it may be fine in a application where the powerplant weight is minimal and the engines are designed to run at very high rpm at long durations. The Victory was not.

    Additionally, and most likely the biggest issue is the distance from the neck to the engine mount. On a Victory, it's a good 8" away from the front cylinder mount....this creates a large moment arm and those loads and stresses are just too much for that mount.

    I'll be working on a full-frame build for the future. This will also solve my many other hurdles, such as rake, trail, wheelbase, swingarm angle, weight, etc. It'll take some time, probably a year or two when all said in done but it will be a huge step in the right direction. Only issue is the bike will be limited to AHRMA racing, which is one of the few, if not only, road racing organization that allows full chassis builds.

    I'll probably be picking up an FTR to run in the Super Hooligan series this year so I can still compete. Not what I originally wanted to do but my back is against the wall and I'm itching to race. I'm definitely still invested in the Freedom engine and would love to pick on Harleys....and Indians one day, it will just take some time, money and engineering to make that happen.
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    Just asked my question..
    My thoughts,
    What mods were done to the heads and could this have contributed

    Goodonya for having a good go!
    It's all experience and fun.

    Ooops! You replied while I was asking.
    Okaaaay not what I was thinking

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