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Victory Highball bar thickness

Discussion in 'Victory High-Ball' started by cycler, Jul 25, 2021.

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    I was trying to look up the thickness of the Victory Highball bars where the grips and controls mount. On one post some guys wrote that its 1 inch while others wrote its 7/8th of an inch. Can anyone verify the correct thickness? Thinking it was 1 inch I placed an order for my friend from my Brembo distributor for a 15RCS front master cylinder for a 1 inch bar. If its 7/8th inch I can still swap it out before it gets shipped on Monday along with the mirror mount. And order him the matching cable clutch perch from this company in England called Reactive Parts. They call it a Brembo HPK cable clutch perch. Its only sold in Europe. I have it on my Harley to match the Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta. But the Corsa Corta and that cable clutch perch only fit 7/8th inch bars. My Protaper bars start out at 1 1/8th inch and then gradually taper down to 7/8th inches. But my Harley controls are for 1 inch bars. In order to fit my grips and controls I slid handlebar shims on the left and right side which made that area 1 inch thick. Two months ago when I decided to replace my OEM Harley 11/16th master cylinder with a Brembo unit I had to decide whether I wanted the Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta which only fit a 7/8th inch bar and had an optional mirror bracket for a 7/8th inch bar. Or get the 19RCS which fit a 7/8th inch bar or a 1 inch bar. I decided on the 19RCS Corsa Corta and cut off a piece of that handlebar shim so there was enough space to fit the 19RCS Corsa Corta. The mirror adapter wasnt the correct size for the Arlen ness mirrors I had so I ordered a pair of Kuryakyn mirror bolts that were double ended. And in order to mount my ODC turn signals that were originally mounted below on my OEM master cylinder with the mirror on top. I had to buy the CNC Racing reservoir mounting kit for a Brembo RCS master cylinder along with a CNC Racing reservoir with hose and clamp (which I am selling once my Motocorse reservoir arrives). I attached a pic of the Motorcorse reservoir I ordered to replace the CNC Racing reservoir with the hose. But it will be black. Although I need to keep the CNC Racing reservoir mounting kit ( all I need is one of the screws from the kit so i can mount the turn signal). As you can see the red Motorcorse reservoir bolts right into the master cylinder. They make one for the clutch side also if your bike has a hydraulic clutch. The Motorcorse come for an OEM set up, RCS set up an RCS Corsa Corta. Plus they come in this tear drop shape where they sort of wrap around the fork leg area thats higher than the top clamp. I have a set of red ones on my Ducati. I attached a pic of the cnc racing reservoir mounting kit for RCS master cylinders. If you look closely you will see a bracket where the where the black reservoir is bolted to. Then a screw that goes into the master cylinder. But before that screw goes into the master cylinder a tube like piece goes in first then the screw goes in. That screw and tube like piece allow that ODC turn signal to mount under the master cylinder

    I also attached a pic of that Brembo HPK cable clutch perch. It only fits a 7/8th inch bar. So I cut the handlebar shim on my left side too. However since it not really made by Brembo and its a knockoff (although the build quality is amazing and comes with wiring if your bike has certain features that need to be wired as well as a clutch switch that can be removed) Since its a knockoff a real Brembo mirror adapter bracket doesnt fit. The Brembos mirror bracket mounting holes dont line up. They are sort of a little bit higher than the Brembo HPK cable clutch perch. But no worries, I ordered a black Kuryakyn mirror adapter bracket that mounts around the bar. And I ordered two set of those double ended mirror bolts just in case. Good thing I did because one bolt was a right hand thread and the other was a left hand thread. The Brembo mirror bracket I ordered for the clutch perch was left hand threaded because those double ended adapter bolts came a right hand one left hand. I figured let me order two sets in case something didnt fit. And as it turned out the Brembo mirror bracket didnt fit and I had another pack with a right hand bolt. In order to fit the ODC turn signal on the left side onto the clutch perch I had to order another CNC Racing reservoir mounting kit. But all I needed was that screw and tube like piece. The matching Brembo HPK cable clutch per is adjustable. It retail for 238lbs plus 49.50lbs shipping. Which converted to US dollars is $395.27. Since we are in the US we dont pay the vat tax which brings the cost down to 199 British lbs plus shipping which is 248.50 british lbs and converted to US dollars thats $341.65.

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