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Victory Demo Truck Complaint!

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Yeah I know Victory does nothing wrong, but they do some stupid crap from time to time. Rumor has it they put on a couple of extra demo trucks so they can be at all the events if dealers want them. Well the other day I find out that they are not going to be at Biketoberfest in Daytona because it is to expensive to reroute them from a normal dealer event to Daytona and back. Now okay, I can see if they scheduled the week before at a dealer in Texas then the week after at a dealer in Arizona it wouldnt be cost effective. BUT, they have more then one truck and the dealers pay for this service (probably not the whole amount).
Dont you think it would be smarter to schedule the rest of your dealer demo's around major motorcycle events and not the other way? So when I walk down Main Street this year there will be no corporate presence... There are only about 10 really major events a year and I feel Victory should make it a point to be at all of these...
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