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Victory Cruise Control

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Would like to get some feedback on anyone using the Victory electronic cruise control on their 09 or 10 Victory bike. I'm in the process of buying a 2011 Kingpin and was thinking about having the Victory cruise installed when I get the bike. I would like to hear from guys that have it and us it. Does it work well, and maintain speed on normally good roads, and have you had any issues and etc??? Looking forward to the feedback.
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I have an XC and use the cruise control fairly often on straight roads. I think it works quite well. I hate straight roads and that makes them a little better for me. It works just like a car cruise control. If you go up a hill, it gives more power to keep you at the speed you have set. If you go down hill, it backs off. When you turn it on you have to wait a couple of seconds to hit the set button, but that's about the only thing you have to remember. When you come up on a slower car tap one of the brakes. Then you can hit resume when you get around them.
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