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I have an 09 Vision with cruise control. I enjoy the feature and use it quite often on trips. It works reasonably well, but does "hunt" occasionally, fluctuating 2-3 mph. I have had it checked out, but nothing was found to be defective. I also have had the original cruise control fail. It was a painfully long process to resolve it. End result was a complete replacement control unit was installed. Stock unit was found to be full of water. Unit is mounted in front of the rear tire and upside down, so all cables and wiring enter the top of the control module. My service tech said they applied sealant to the top of the new unit when they installed it to prevent another failure. I just returned from a week long trip, unfortunately mostly in the rain and did experience my cruise control to kick out of the "set" mode. Cruise system indicated it was still on but I was unable to set it again. I turn the system off then later (3-4 hrs) attempted to set it at hi-way speed and it worked fine. This is unfortunately very close to the signs of my first failure.
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