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Was just surfing around iTunes, anyone know of, or heard of plans to make a Victory App? There are numerous Apps for HD, but none for Victory.
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keithgrey said:
HI Dave and thanks again BTW,

How about an app that leverages the GPS location finder and points out good roads for riding and places to eat, stay, dealerships, stores that carry acceptable oils when vic oil isnt avail, etc, etc

except only the framework comes from victory, you let us input good long stretches of road, favorite diners etc etc, social networking meets marketing, + riding

this would give you the jump on advertising victory to other riders, cuz we're socially contagious and we could turn it into every bikers favorite app. call it VWheeler or VRider

none of you guys know the fast, or twisty, or traffic free roads or cool restaurants within 200 miles of your homes do you??

Home screen "FROM HERE" and your choices are obvious, like gas, eat, maintenance, sleep, warrantee, RIDE (ride gives you; twisty empty, looong, 2hrs or less, etc)

AND if it has a locator service on it it can find the closest Vic owner if he has his VRider open and on,,,theres a ton of stuff you could do with it.

or maybe i should just shut up and get some sleep,,,,
The new app is close to your recommendations. Were you in on the development?
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