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Victory #2 in Bancroft - Annual Victory Meet Up - 2010

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Attendance: 23
Pictures Start on page 3 link
Our 1st Official AnnualOntario Victory Celebration
An Invite To All
August 20, 21, 22
Beautifull Bancroft Area
Friday - Meet and Greet - Sword Best Western - Outside back parking lot
Saturday - Early Morning Start
Sunday - Group Breakfast before Departing
Full Day Scenic Ride in oraround Algonquin Park
Accommodations - more information to follow
Link to last years Mini Meet
Footwork to Making thisinto an Annual Event http://thevog.net/forums/display_topic/id_1886/
Bancroft Area Info: http://www.bancroftontario.com/
Post if you are Interested in Participating
***New Update:***

A Message from Bear: Our Member From Bancroft,
To Contact Me:http://thevog.net/Bear

Hi Alan

Crazy times here...work is nuts...

1st annual meet for victory riders in Ontario...a opportunity for fellow vicsters to meet and ride the countryside.
Ride Saturday will be through Algonquin Park

...Haliburton and back to Bancroft
...lunch stop along the way
...local hotels
...higher priced
...Sword Best Western..613-332-2474
...and lower cost/less services
...Bancroft Motor Inn...613-332-4900
....further plans in the works
...stay tuned
"victory in Bancroft" is finalizing....
everything is held in the rear yard at the Sword, Best Western......15% off posted room rates...
i have event pins ordered....
ride through Algonquin on Sat with stop at dealer when we return.....
i have BBQ pork and beef...baked beans and salads for Sat night dinner.....
unlicensed beer sales at the rear of the sword...cost recovery only....
At the present time, Friday night meet and greet other than having a few beers and getting to meet folks as they arrive at the Sword....146 Hastings Street N, Bancroft

i will have some victory banners and such in the rear parking lot on Friday....could possibly have burger/sausage stand there for folks....depends on when everybody is going to show and how many????

Dealer and Canadian Rep in Florida at Dealers meeting so will finalize with them upon their return

Be great-full if you could update posting on VOG......maybe those comming could send quick email so i have a better feel for numbers..


If you could please post here or (pm) me if you plan on attending we need a head count.
Thanks: OT
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