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Vegas 2006 Fork seal replacement

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Had to replace seals in a Vegas 06 - manual was incorrect in many areas including oil - spacers - and procedure...pulling the forks off was fine...however it required a "rattle gun: to get the top cap off...and there were no less than three parts that sprang forth when the cap let go. "None" of these these parts was shown in the manual - and worse still they had to be compressed into the tube under a load equal to my 65kg frame and held in alignment. See pictures...To DRIVE THE SEAL IN I went to the plumbing store and got a 50mm pressure connector - ground some off the outside and it worked perfectly $2.00. All in all if it wasnt for the stupid "three spacers" in the top of the tube this repair would have been a snack !


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Is there any chance you got a measurement or picture of the other internal parts?

Just did the forks on my 16’ Gunner. It is a fairly simple job but there were a few little discrepancies in the service manual. Added the listed amount of oil but still had to add more oil to get the right height. The book also did not list the part number for the lower/inner bushing. Thankfully that was easy enough to figure out with a little homework.

Found some pvc pipe that fit just right when cut in half. Held it together with a hose clamp and it did fine.
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