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Undercarriage electrical

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So I recently hit something on my bike (gunner) and now have one of the plugs underneath the front hanging down. They are still connected however there’s one plug not connected to anything. I can’t find any pictures of the undercarriage anywhere and just have no idea if the plug goes to anything or something was ripped off. Doesn’t look like anything was. Hoping someone either knows if anything was there or could be so kind as to snap a pic of the underside of the front left corner where the two wiring harness plugs are. Either would be very much appreciated. Nothing is wrong with the bike otherwise only noticed because I saw the hanging wires.
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How about you show us what's handing down?
without pics hard to say, but the big plug is probably the one that connects to the rectifier. I had the same problem after having my bike shipped, I looked over the bike and noticed it. There is a little plastic square clip just on top of the plug it supposed to lock into. could not get it to snap in, so I tie wrapped it .

The other one not sure,
The bigger plug is still secured it’s the smaller one next to it hanging. Looks like it was held up with zip ties as I couldn’t get it back in the clip. That’s what has the lone plug disconnected. I can take a picture tomorrow when it’s not dark out.
On my Vegas the 02sensor wire is in that area but your bike has a different harness being you have a 17
Well damn, that single plug looks to be the 08-15 02sensor plug. The larger 2 wire plug is for the RR.
Like I said there’s nowhere that looks like anything was ripped off. And are you sure they even have different wiring harnesses?
I saw a similar plug hanging after my last ride on 08 kingpin. still runs fine. same thought, I looked and looked and could not find anyplace it could have been unplugged from?
Like I said there's nowhere that looks like anything was ripped off. And are you sure they even have different wiring harnesses?
How many wires on you O2sensors?
Looks to be a plug where the 02 censor would be. After market Bassani pipes
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