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Turtle Wax Ice - Cleaned up sticker ghost

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Now either the Turtle Wax Ice recommended by one of you elder statesmen (sorry can't remember which) removed the sticker ghost that was left on my center panel under the console, or:
1. The 5-6 different chemicals I used to remove it finally had an effect
(either on thestain, or my last three brain cells)
2. 'RA' the sun-god took pity on me and faded it,because I haven't
thrown an oldsparkplug as a turn signal reminder in 10 yrs.
3. The WD-40 Bubba told me to use has magical powers and only
worked while I was sleeping
4. My eyes were fried from yesterdays 3+ hours riding in the sun and I
couldn't see it(just as good as gone as far as I'm concerned)
Either way the ICE from Turtle wax works.
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can you get tea-tree oil or eucaluptus oil over there , it worked a treat for me
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