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Trade-In Value

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If anyone read my previous thread you will remember that I'm looking into a Cross Roads. One of the first things I always look into when I'm looking into a car, truck, or bike is the resale value. Since the only thing that I can compare to directly is the Vision versus the Ultra Classic or the Cross Roads versus the Road King. The only problem I can see with this comparison is the number of years that both bike have been around, but then again Victory itself hasn't been around all that long.

Anyway, I went to NADA and KBB and I noticed that the Vision and Cross Roads hold a $2000 disparity across the board with their H-D counterparts. I am sold that Victory is everything that H-D isn't. Victory has already shown the ability to beat H--D in technology (cast aluminum frame), customer appreciation (listening to what their customers want), and price (do I need to explain this).

Here is my question since I don't know much about many of the older bikes in the Victory line and how they compare to some older H-D models. Is this $2000 disparity just an effect of the newness of the said models or is this something that has shown itself over the entirety of the last 10 years?

Sorry that took so long but I want to makes sure that people realize I did go and do the homework first. I just need some help on the history.
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if you'd look at a lot of things we enjoy doing from a financial perspective there's never a good return. However if you look at it from a enjoyment perspective there's usually an excellent return.

Buying used is best for the bottom dollar. I bought the 5 year extended on this bike knowing that in a few short years I'd have a lot of miles on it compared to other bikes. However I'll sell it before the warranty expires giving the new owner a sense of protection.
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