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Trade-In Value

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If anyone read my previous thread you will remember that I'm looking into a Cross Roads. One of the first things I always look into when I'm looking into a car, truck, or bike is the resale value. Since the only thing that I can compare to directly is the Vision versus the Ultra Classic or the Cross Roads versus the Road King. The only problem I can see with this comparison is the number of years that both bike have been around, but then again Victory itself hasn't been around all that long.

Anyway, I went to NADA and KBB and I noticed that the Vision and Cross Roads hold a $2000 disparity across the board with their H-D counterparts. I am sold that Victory is everything that H-D isn't. Victory has already shown the ability to beat H--D in technology (cast aluminum frame), customer appreciation (listening to what their customers want), and price (do I need to explain this).

Here is my question since I don't know much about many of the older bikes in the Victory line and how they compare to some older H-D models. Is this $2000 disparity just an effect of the newness of the said models or is this something that has shown itself over the entirety of the last 10 years?

Sorry that took so long but I want to makes sure that people realize I did go and do the homework first. I just need some help on the history.
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Iceman, not the answer you are looking for but you can take resale values and throw them in the ocean right about now. What everyone thinks their bikes are worth and what they are going for on the open market have never been further apart.....and that is regardless of whether it is an H-D or Victory.

H-D always seemed to hold their values better than anything else but that is changing rapidly as their not replacing the older customers and the used bikes are flooding the market in this economy at deeper discounts than ever before. Victory used to get good resale value but that has also dropped significantly in the last 24 months as they came out with newer and more modern bikes, coupled with DEEP discounts and incentives that dropped the values of the bikes on the open market. People used to think Motorcycles were an investment....they were insanely wrong.

Bottom line, If you buy a bike today you need to try and estimate what the resale value will be in 4-5 years (if you are planning on trading in in that time), and the one thing we know is that what USED to be true 4-5 years ago is nowhere near being accurate today.....so how can we guess where the market will be in the future?

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Andy said:
It seems that these days, the original purchaser of a new bike will take the big hit when it comes time to sell it. We already know that the addition of various accessories adds little value to the bike.

The buyer of the used bike will retain a higher percentage of the resale of the bike when it comes time to turn it over to the third owner.

Just my observation.

So, does that mean to only buy used bikes?

If you're looking mainly at resale value, the answer could be yes.
You hit the nail square on the head on that one Andy. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Motorcycles are just like cars, trucks, boats, ATVs.....etc. They are "Depreciating assets".

Show me a 2010 model car that doesn't plummet the second you drive it off the dealer's lot. Doesn't matter whether it is a Taurus, a C1500, a Corvette, a Mercedes......they all depreciate. The very best cars in holding their resale value will still depreciate 30% the moment you drive them off the lot and those same great vehicles will only hold 52-60% of their value after 3 years.

......and we're somehow AMAZED that bikes are beginning to do the exact same thing. Again, H-D was truly successful in making everyone a complete idiot from the late 80's on.

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Rollin said:
SofaKingBlue said:
Iceman5218 said:
WOW!!!!!!! I really didn't anticipate this much responce to my very simple (or so I thought) question.
You should see what happens whenyou ask about the best oil to use.
I can help with that.
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That noise - Yes. They all do that.
Glad I could help. Ha ha ha
Classic post!!
Now Rollin, have youREALLY logged enough seat time to form a good opinion??? After all, I don't think you made it to South America this year did you?
BTW, you need to update your map....no Hawaii, and Alaska doesn't change colors. :)
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