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TPMS should be mandatory

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I 've been using the SmarTireTire Pressure Monitoring System (tpms)since day one on my bike. It provides both pressure and temperature readings for the tires (pressure is temperature compensated), with separate warnings at 15% and 25% pressure loss as well as overtemp (185degF). Being that I mainly ride two-up pulling a "stuffed" BushTec trailer, the overtemp alarm has been very valuable - warning me of this condition while traversing the interstates at 80mphduring the Summer heat. The tire temperature will drop again once I slow down to around 60mph for about 10 minutes or so. A press of the display button will give me instantaneous readings of both pressure and temperature for each of the tires. I run 40psi in both front and rear factory Dunlop E3 tires. My dealer will invariably drop the tire pressure to 36psi upon each service; a quick read of my display and I know that I need to add air again. Anytime the tires feel "squirrely", all I have to do is push my display button to be reassured that the tires are fine.
This past Sunday, I experienced the pressure loss alarm for the first time. We were running 80mph two-up pulling the trailerabout 20 miles from home when the alarm started flashing - first showing -8psi on rear tire. Note that I felt zero difference in the handling of the bike. I immediately backed off the throttle, turned on my hazards,and started moving toward the sholder.I watched with amazement at how fast the pressure dropped in the rear tire (still didn't feel anything different). Another 100 yds and I safely exited the interstate. By the time I made the right turn at theend of the rampto pull into the adjacent gas station, the rear tire only had4psi. I came very close to dropping the bike while making the turn (I believe that the trailer actually helped tominimize the swing of the rear end). We called a friend with abike to trailer to come and rescue us.
The tpms system quite literally may have saved our life - for it scaresme to think of what might have happened while running that fast with no awareness of the pressure loss until the tire was almost flat. I really do not understand why bikes are not REQUIRED to have a tpms.
Unfortunately, the dealer broke my sensor during the tire change. The SmarTiresystem for motorcycles ceased production back in 2006, and there are no longer any replacement parts within North America (per Vulcan Tire). So, the dealer isreplacing my system (for free)with the Doran 360M.This system does not prove tire temperature sensing, so I guess I'm finally going to get around to figuring out how to provide some RAM airflow to the rear tire.
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