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Tire Question......again?

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Age old question in discussions....."What tires are best for my XCT"?

I just hit 8000 miles on my 2013 XCT and I think the Victory OEM Dunlop E3's are "OK at best". Just my opinion.

I'm hearing that the Michelin Commander II's are best, and the Metzeler 880's have a great history despite some recalls years back, and the 888's are advertised to have a longer life, but hard to find the rear tire in the recommended size 180/60-16.

I had several sets of Metzelers on my Yamaha's (Roadliner and Venture) and flat out loved them, but I remain open for something new and better. "You don't know what you don't know" Right?

I expect more than 8000 from my tires, and I did from Metzelers and hopefully will from the Michelins.
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I just put avon cobras on my 2004 vegas. Put on about 1000 miles seem much better than the Dunlops that I had on but they were already warn since I bought the bike used.
I wanted to buy michelins but they didn't make both sizes for the vegas
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