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Tire Question......again?

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Age old question in discussions....."What tires are best for my XCT"?

I just hit 8000 miles on my 2013 XCT and I think the Victory OEM Dunlop E3's are "OK at best". Just my opinion.

I'm hearing that the Michelin Commander II's are best, and the Metzeler 880's have a great history despite some recalls years back, and the 888's are advertised to have a longer life, but hard to find the rear tire in the recommended size 180/60-16.

I had several sets of Metzelers on my Yamaha's (Roadliner and Venture) and flat out loved them, but I remain open for something new and better. "You don't know what you don't know" Right?

I expect more than 8000 from my tires, and I did from Metzelers and hopefully will from the Michelins.
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Thanks Bigfoot. I saw a front out there be not a back....and when I enter my bike in the Michelin site, it says there's currently no tires available for this bike?

So I may be going back to Metzelers.
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Yamaha riders gave Avon high marks. What's your take?
OK...so I purchased the Michelin Commander II's and I have to admit, bike has not road like this before. The bike appears to be well balanced again, the handling is "off the hook" (This is Good), and the bike hugs the curves the certainty.

I really enjoy the feel so far, but will put several hundred miles on the new tires over the Labor Day Weeore, and heard good things about the Avons, but overall I received nothing but good feedback on the Michelins.

I really enjoy the feel so far, but will put several hundred miles on the new tires over the Labor Day Weekend and report back.

Thanks for all the replies.
So 3rd week of September I did a solo ride from Dallas, Tx to Louisville, Ky...832 Miles one way (but who is counting). This was the first ride on my new Michelin Commander II's. My opinion....the best tires I've ever had so far. The handling was outstanding and my bike feels balanced like never before. Thanks to Deke, the service manager at Freedom Powersport in McKinney Texas. He said they are the best tires on the market and I have to agree.

Prior to this I was a Metzelers fan. But I did notice that they would grab in grooved roads or uneven transitions. This was very scary, but I thought it was normal. I don't get that with the Michelin's, and everyone with these tires get much longer life then the DE3's

The ride back home was perfect. I picked a great weekend for a trip. Did the full 800+ in one day....both going and returning. A little cool on the return trip, but I had chaps, gloves, etc to support the cool mornings.

I purchased the Coolstream Duo Bluetooth adapter off Ebay for $30. Connected it to the 30 pin iPod jack in my lowers, placed my LG Tablet on a online station or Pandora, placed in my bags and had good music the whole way. Best investment for my music listening.

Learned a few lessons on this trip:

1. I have a smoked windshield...and started my trip too early (Was too dark to see the road through shield)

2. When my azz got a little tired, I used the highway pegs to stretch calfs, this made all the difference and allowed me to continue for much longer. Still will purchase and Ultimate Seat after I "Stack my Chips" a bit more.

3. Moms was worried about my return trip...so I used the app "Glympse" so she and family members could track my progress on this GPS tracking app, all the way back. Helped lessen the worry factor. If you have never heard of this "free" app, you must download now. Works as a text or e-mail, and give the recipient a GPS enabled map of your location and speed.

Thanks again for all the advice on the topic. Very much appreciated !!!!
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