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Headed on down to the show this morning with my Brother. Saw a few Vic's there on this crisp (35°maybe) winter's day.

A PA dealer had a garage show Queen 07 KP for $6900. It had chrome wheels, sprocket, lay down tag, apes, TT, Lloyds fuel controller, chrome Hammer fork legs... Super clean but still an old Queen. Needs tires and rubber bits checked. Would also look better with a rotor to match the chrome fork leg with the caliper bosses.

Outside near our XCs was a well weather KP tour, 08 Vision and XR classic.

Attendance seamed to be down this year and the venders we wanted to visit were missing. There were lots of old bike there as well as the new ones from the dealers.

Sat on the Yami , it's almost XC comfy but heavy and The saddlebag lids felt cheap as crap. The new GW felt light but that engine is in the way of even my short legs.
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