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Timing Wheel is in...... Finally!

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Got up the energy to finally install my timing wheel on my 13 today. It wasn't bad but the old gasket was in bad shape. It came off in pieces and had several stuck on sections.

Currently it is set to +4 and I have no ping. I only did a short ride around my neighborhood and some tight circles to try it out. All seems well and it really seems to want to go now at the first movement of the clutch.
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I just installed one on my '11 Vegas yesterday, before I left work (I work in a shop, so that's where my tools are). I set it at +6 degrees to start. I couldn't do a thorough test though, because I live only 12 miles out from Boston; traffic is a *****. I did get a couple of good pulls in, and I haven't heard any pinging at all. Also didn't seem to be THAT much difference in power, but I obviously can't really say for sure until I can actually RIDE the damn thing. Jose is raining on us the next couple of days though, so I won't be able to ride it until then.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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