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Timing Wheel is in...... Finally!

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Got up the energy to finally install my timing wheel on my 13 today. It wasn't bad but the old gasket was in bad shape. It came off in pieces and had several stuck on sections.

Currently it is set to +4 and I have no ping. I only did a short ride around my neighborhood and some tight circles to try it out. All seems well and it really seems to want to go now at the first movement of the clutch.
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Good Job, I found that on my Vision 4 degress caused slight pinging under uphill climb and freeway with trunk and bags loaded. I backed it down to a spot between 2 and 3 degress and it got rid of it. She don't like cheap gas and anything around 90 octane with ethynol crap it causes it to ping when the outside temp gets 95 or higher. I stashed a bottle of 104 in the bags for that reason. Enjoy your ride of the Three sisters.
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