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Thunder Monster???

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Thinking of the Thunder Monster Baffles for my '09 Jackpot ... I have the stage one pipes, and looking for some more head turning power... I've read some of the posts and I'm almost convinced to do it... What else needs to be done to the bike after install...??? Any Info would be greatly appreciated...
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Half_Crazy said:
Big City Thunder charges$80 for those baffles,right? Have you seen them? If you know someone with a welder you couldmake a set for around12 bucks.
Nope, don't know anyone like that. lol
I just put mine in today. LOUD!!!!!
I switched them around so the nut is toward the back. I will have to see how it sounds at 4 in the morning on the way to work. My neighbors are going to be pissed.
I ordered the model 2001 like everyone said to. With the 2" inside diameter and the 2 1/8 outside diameter. When i took the old baffles out they were 2 1/8; which would be the 2000 model. However, I think the 2000 model won't fit in the swept pipes because of the curve. I do know I love the new sound, so deep and rumbly!
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