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Thinking about ordering RPW Boomsticks???

Discussion in 'Victory Boardwalk' started by Carlosa760, May 6, 2016.

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    Yo what's up victory peeps. So here's my dilemma, I installed Rinehart performance slip ons on my boardwalk. Before I installed, I had the guy cut off the little metal honey comb looking things each header pipe has ( people consider those the catalytic converter for motorcycles). It hasn't been running properly within the last couple months due to the fact that I haven't yet installed a fuel tuner etc... So I've been debating on whether trying to continue with my home made set-up, I just need to buy stock header pipes that works with my style bike. I am basically wanting to obtain those stock style header pipes with those cats in there before I tune the bike you know, unless there's not really a performance difference with or without those little things in the header pipes. But now, I just re kindled my love for the boom sticks that RPW is selling. So I'm just thinking about ditching my home-made system and just starting over with a new system that has it all, and install them and move forward with getting it tuned etc... So help a brotha out with some wisdom! Thanks & God bless.

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