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Test Rode an Octane

Discussion in 'Victory Octane' started by mark4Jesus, Apr 3, 2016.

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    Crockett Powersports, my dealer in Chattanooga, TN, had a Victory Demo Day yesterday. I test rode an Octane. All I can say is "Whoa!" The throttle is much more responsive than my CCT, so much so, I nearly got the front wheel off the ground twice, unintentionally. Lots of power and speed coming out of corners too. I used the word "rocket" to someone else who rode it and they said "That's not a rocket, a Ninja 1000 is a rocket." Well, I have never ridden a sport bike of any type, but have ridden other motorcycles. The Octane may not be a Ninja, but if someone wants a stock V-twin that will shoot out from under your legs if you don't hold on tight, with a slight twist of the throttle, I think the Octane will fill the bill.

    It's also very maneuverable in the twisties. I think it is an awesome bike.
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