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Test rode a Can-AM Spyder

Discussion in 'Cam-Am General Discussion' started by Known1, Aug 21, 2015.

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    09 Black Kingpin Prem rpw Thor 2 into 1. cams and ajustable timing wheel S+S intake and flash
    Oh that's ok you to are welcome to your opinion!
    Personally as to just the machines all else aside I think they are over priced and not at all to my likeing,bordering on of and wierd! But that's just me ,Just my thoughts!
    Now on the political side,my thoughts to are simply that! I'M DON'T really like the idea of bailing out failing companies, you are welcome to sugest some deep seated root to my dislike if you choose,to ,me if you can't stand on your own feet well tip over then, if a bussiness as old as Bombardier cannot put a long term financing plan together and insist on what to me seems like poor investment pratices,while paying family and ceos out in millions,well sorry ,I'm not the guy to come and ask for my tax dollar! You can ,arch right up and stand in line to chip in if you care to I on the other hand call bullshit!
    Now as to purchasing out of my home country a motercycle to me Canada does not produce one! Cut and print!
    That 3 wheeled conglomeration is to me no more motercycle them my pickup truck is!
    So therefore I went to my southern nieghbour and selected one I felt fit into the catagory of motercycle and also fit my buget and likings! Thanks to The US OF A I own a couple of Victories !
    All fair on if you like and are suited to the Bombardier thingies I think they are more like George Jetson mobiles, that my angry friend is just my simple and how estate opinion! Just mine!

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