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Taking my first steps

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Hello everyone! This is my first post and I wanted to share my excitement as I am getting ready to fly to South Dakota to pick up my first Victory Vision and ride it home to Fort Worth, Texas.

I recently retired after 20+ years as a firefighter and to honor a promise to my wife when we married to move closer to her family and friends, relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

This purchase represents a retirement/50th birthday gift to myself. After over 27,000 emergency calls and 50 years of life, I think deserve it.

I had a Ninja 600 back in 86 for a year but sold it before moving to Louisiana. If you know anything about driving stats there you'd understand. I hope I haven'toffended anyone by that statement but the numbers don't lie. I still love you Louisiana!

I am so excited about this trip that I am nervous or I should say that I am just really pumped up. I've done an enormous amount of research on this bike after seeing it for the first time maybe 1.5 months ago.

It was about 2am when I stopped at a light and looked over to see the most unusual bike I had ever seen. It was SO COOL! I found myself staring so I rolled my window down and asked the couple "what is that thing!" We ended up talking there at that light for about 15 minutes all the long with cheesy grins on our faces as they just went on and on about their fantastic bike. I hope they weren't in a hurry! It was then that I knew that I had to have one for myself.

I picked up a 2008 Vision Tour Premium. I'll head west into Wyoming and turn south through Colorado, New mexico and then east into Texas. The views should be fantastic and I'll be serenaded by the sound of that V twin and tunes from ipod. WHEW! I can't wait!!!!!

I would appreciate any advice from you guys that will make my ride a save and wonderful experience. Thanks for listening.

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+1 on the feet up. I knew all about it and still got my ankle... Adjust your windshield at different speeds to keep the buffetting to a minimum. If you have lower deflectors, get used to using them.
Most of all, dont fall asleep when you put the cruise on and have Sinatra playing on the iPod...
Good Luck and be Safe...
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