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Still waiting

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So I ordered my CC july 26th 2010 and I still havent' got it , the dealer keeps telling me its been shipped, it was supposed to be here the middle of August then the middle of September the September 28th well this is Oct. 4th I keep calling but to no satisfaction, has anyone else had this problem Im getting pretty p'od
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Is this for a 2011? They are out there now not sure why it would take so long. I might check with diffrent dalers for sure

I would check with other dealers in your area and see if they have one in stock, and see what deal you can get from them. The dealers around here have a couple of the X bikes in stock, so yours should have been there by now. I'm thinking they F'D up & didn't order it when they were supposed to.
Thats what I was thinking but I've already given this dealer money down on the order and yes it is 2011, the other dealer in my area recieved 3 cc's Sept 3rd and sold both black ones right away , he still has the white one but I want black
I would see if you can find another one and get money back. Somtheing is not right
have a 2010 black cc with tall windshield, backrest 4800 mi ...need to sell...make me an offer.....no damage, never been down, ridden by a 70 yr old...nice ride...
Cross Countrys are tough to find, you could get a dealership transfer but it'll probably cost you more. If it helps any Cross Roads are easier to find and my 2011 still took just short of 1 month to deliver.

Post something to the victory facebook page, they seem to reply PDQ when it is hanging out in the public.
My local dealer has 3 on the floor.
Unfortunately where I come from Ontario Canada CC's are few and far between
i'd be more inclined to say they may be on a credit hold or in some sort of financial trouble.
If they not have delivered buy now I would contact the dealer and let him know you are checking elsewhere or he can give you a exact delivery date with no bs.

Where are you from COWBOY? I had same prob. Called around and other dealers had my bike in stock. I talked to the rep and had my bike next day!! There are bikes at PEAK and SPOILED SPORTS. Make something happen before year is TOTALLY shot.

Cmon oout to Alberta, grab one and ride her home.
I picke up my 2011 black almost 2 weeks ago.
BC dealer ( kelowna)had a black one the first week of August!
Elk Island sales has all the colours. in Ft Sask by Edmonton.
cowboy said:
Unfortunately where I come from Ontario Canada CC's are few and far between
Just talked to the dealer told him how ticked I was and he apparently had called the shipper and they assumed he already had it , so someone screwed up somewhere , the dealer said he expects it today or tomorrow , so I said I was giving it till the weekend and then going somewhere else.
Sounds like somebody dropped the ball. FYI Victory may delay shipping a bike unbil the dealer has enough allocated/ordered to justify the shipping. It is a means of keeping shipping cost down. Even with that said there is no way I can't justfy it being this long. Ask your dealer to locate one and get it. It has been too long. I know dealers in the US that would pay for a regional plane ticket to sell you one and ride it home.
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