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Just purchased the 07 Hammer Premium- made a leap and bought it out of town after some careful vetting-- we'll see. Should be at the dealer in about 1 week. My questions for the group:
1- Less than 1K miles on it- and it appears to be a gem. Anything that needs attention because it was rested so much? Obviously fluids and a road test from the dealer, check tires etc
2- It has a K&Ns and a Ness exhaust- (see pic), apparently installed at purchase from the dealer- but does that equate to a Stage 1 upgrade?
3- Does anyone have a list of differences between a Premium hammer vs a standard for that year?
4- I plan to purchase the touring seat and switch it out with the standard one routinely. From what I can tell here that is do-able and only about 15-30 minute job? Does anyone else in Hammer land do that?
5- While you are at it please try to include answers to world hunger, peace in the middle east, and how to solve a rubics cube quickly,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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