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Stage 1 Exhaust up for sale for XC

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Well I pulled the trigger and got the Ness Big Honkers for the Cross Country. They should be here by the weekend (I Hope) but more likely Monday.
Street Vibrations Motocycle Show is this weekend. Looks like the weather will be in the mid 80's.
Well the Stage 1 Exhaust is for sale for $330 plus shipping. I hope some one local (Reno Nevada area) will buy the Stage 1. I'll meet them half way in theTahoe area or Sacramento for some extra cash.The are some Cross Roads riders in the area (Carson City, Reno). Locals hope you're reading this. Shipping is a pain in the BUTT.
I also have the stock exhaust not sure how much to sell them?? Maybe trade for a Nolan N43 3\4 helmet (black or silver 2XL).
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tsdavis said:
I have a question about used Stage 1 pipes.

Can the map download card be used more than once? If not, will the buyer need to buy a new one?
It's one time use. The code is married to your bike's ECM both in the bike and in the Victory corporate computer. That way, if your bike ever needs service down the road the ECM can be reflashed with the correct program regardless which dealer you go to.

To complete the stage 1 package you would need to purchase the air filter and the stage one flash. OR, you can get an aftermarket fueler like the VFCIII or the PC5 and dial in the additional fuel. Personally, I would buy the filter and flash, it's a lot easier, fully warrantied and works very well on the street.
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