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SRVT Mini Apes

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Finally got them on and they look great!

I just installed SRVT mini-apes on my 2010 XC. I haven't yet talked to Preston or sent him pictures of the finished work, so I don't want him blind-sided...

Fitment on the bars was great, Powder coating was great. down side? wasn't aware (maybe he wasn't either) the OEM grips will not work. bars were drilled for 5 1/2 grips, and the OEM's are 4 3/4. So new grips were needed. I'd think drilling would be better for 4 3/4. But I will say, for the grips I went with, 5 1/2 worked better (Battisini's).

Cables are really not an issue anymore. Racetech had the Banjo fittings I needed and Barnett now has the cruise control module available. The only problem (again haven't talked to Preston) is not SRVT problem really. The Control housing side of the cable is not bent to the correct angle and the pull cable rubs currently. I will be calling Barnett & be talking to their people to get this fixed, again not SRVT's responsibility.

Clutch cable & brake lines were fine out of the box, throttle push cable is fine, just a problem with the pull cable elbow in the throttle control case.
BTW, I went +6 on all the cables & it fit perfect. Aslo ran all the wireing internal. That was a job!

Thumbs up to Preston! They look great & I hope he sells more (so far I'm the only one with apes on an XC I believe).

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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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