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Spotted whicle walking through wally world...

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Maybe this is old news but it's the first time I've seen the updated label with a motorcycle on it. Lets not turn this into a this -vs-that oil thread! Again, I just thought it was interesting Shell updated the label to include MC's!

Automotive tire Tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive exterior
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Hahaha... Fat fingered that one didn't I!

I've used it in all 6 of my machines for the last 11 years and they never gave me a single days trouble. Operated perfectly. I just thought it was kind of cook seeing them add the bike on there.

My thought is use what you like. If it works for you then it probably isn't wrong.
kind of cook?????/
Hoo boy... This is what i get for using a touch keyboard and not proofreading!
just messin with ya man! lol!:ROFLMAO:
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