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Speedo display trouble

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2012 XR > My display on my speedo will not cycle the clock is flashing 12:00 and above it the display reads;
--A -- -- *F the mph is lit up blue, signals high beam low beam all work however do not light up the indicator on the cluster. N neutral does not light up either. Driving the bike the speedometer and tachometer is working. When first turning the key on all indicators light up momentarily as usual so good bulbs. I tried disconnecting the battery and left it unhooked overnight to try and reset it with no luck. I have removed and reinstalled all the relays and fuses with no luck. And also unplugged and plugged just about every connector going to or from the speedos and still nothing.
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--A -- -- *F The dash before the A shows what gear I am in when riding as usual. Everything after the first dash stays the same. Fuel gauge and odometer or trip functions will not cycle.
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