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Can't say definitely, but there is a couple of things that could add up to your issue.
1) Generally speaking 12.4v voltage is low. A fully charged battery should 12.65-12.8 volts. Even though the voltage seems to be good running.
2) 44 psi is below the 50-51 psi required. So your down 15% on fuel pressure. Making the air fuel ratio pretty lean. Now when you first start a vehicle there is extra fuel added to the enrichment table for cold start, depending on the outside temperature the enrichment cycle may last 20 seconds to a couple of mintues until the engine temp gets to a certain point.

A couple of things to check, You could check the voltage on the tps to make sure that it sweeps smoothly (can be done with key on and kill switch on and engine off).

The IAC could be an issue but if your are holding the throttle to say 1500-2000 rpms and the bike is still dying out then that is outside of the range of the tps and shouldn't cause it to stall at that rpm.

Now these maybe no issues or they could be linked to poor running regarding low voltage and low fuel pressure.
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