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**Solved**Help! Poor running 2008 Vision. I'm stumped.

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Hi all, I need some help here. I have a beautiful 2008 Vision Tour Premium with 10K miles on it (acquired last year from the original owner). Due to the low miles and sitting too long I did a mild restoration on all things rubber, fluid and/or filter related when I took it home. The bike ran great for the year (a couple thousand miles). I own a lot of bikes so this one didn't get a lot of use this summer. Last month I wanted to take it for a weekend trip and it did not run/idle well. It would start and rev up pretty well but then die (like running out of fuel) 30 seconds later.

1. I checked the fuel pressure and it was on the low side (and I knew the OEM one was likely on borrowed time from sitting too long), so I put in a new pump, in-tank filter and pressure regulator from Witchdoctors. Fuel pressure now 44 lbs and stable.
2. I also noticed the IAC tubes were WAY cracked so I replaced those with a new OEM kit this week. I see no other cracked or dry/damaged rubber pieces indicating a vacuum leak anywhere.
3. New battery on a tender at all times. 12.4v or so sitting. 14.3v to 14.6v when running

Results: Same damn thing. Starts well, can rev it up through the rev range fine for maybe 10 seconds or so then it chugs to a slow stall and dies. Turn the bike off wait for the IAC to reset and click, it starts fine and then same thing happens over and over. Fuel pressure is strong and stable at 44lbs at all times (even when stalling). No codes. Bad IAC valve? I think I did the IAC rest and fuel pressure prime properly. I'm truly stumped!

Any ideas?
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