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tasmanuk said:
Glad its not just me who thinks the black paint is crap. I had my brand new 2010 Vegas 8 Ball about a week and I noticed marks where my leather pants came into contact with the tank. OK if I'm just wearing denim but not as safe of course. My tank bag won't be getting used, thats for sure.
Geez, interesting! I thought it was just me!
I was cleaning up my Black CR this pastSat after a 600 mi trip into VT, NH, from NY. The weatherwas a bitcold for the trip,so I decided to wear My TourMaster Pants (mesh pants with 2 detachable liners for wind/rain and thermal, which was a good choice! Up till then, I had only worn chaps.
As I was cleaning, I noticed a small "smudge" on the gas tank. I tried some cleaner wax, and it helped, but not "gone".
I couldn't figure out how it got there. Then I took a ride on Sunday, and wore the pants again, and figured out the "smudge" was from my pants! Boy, I was pissed! I've had these pants for 2 yrs now, and the CR for only 4mths.
I nevernoticed it onmy other bike, but the gastank was Silver on the sides and Black on top. Never had noticible scratches on the Black onthe old bike, but am noticing things now on the CR. Guess I just need to be REAL careful from now on!
OR do as Syd says, and ride faster! LOL!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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