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Just for ****s and giggles, anyone want to share their winter mods? Just wondering what people are doing to their bikes, if anything.

I'll share mine, though I'm just starting. Took the rear fender off, changed the stock plate over to a Ness Lay Down, installed funky LED bolt lights for the plate, working on the wiring. Ordered the Mustang solo seat. Took off the passenger pegs. Already changed the windshield over to the Memphis Shades Speed Demon, and removed the lowers. Altering the look of the bike. Still haven't done a stage 1 upgrade, but I'll get to it. I have a list of things that I would like to do, but you know how that goes. I'll post some pics when I get to the point that I can.

Workin on a graphics design, but nothing solid in place yet.

What you doing with your bike?

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I've actually done quite a bit this winter.
1. Changed from stock headlight to bullet headlight
2. Switched stock handlebars out to the Victory V-Bars (might be called fly bars)
3. Completely new footpeg setup. Will post pics of this when I install it as it's somewhat unique
4. Added a Clocks4bikez clock - not really a mod.... but thought i'd share anyway
5. Next week i'm ordering the Vegas Saddlebags and quick release mounts.
Also going to be trying to buy the quick release mid size windshield as soon as I can here. Just need to come up with the cash for that.
Oh, and I also modded my closet. I bought a few Victory t-shirts and sweatshirts. =)

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2009 Kingpin
Stuff I've done or in the process of doing (I have all the parts…looking for time for installs…stupid groundhog). Some I got great deals on, some I paid retail on some. After putting all this stuff down, I was like "ooops", I told my wife when I bought this bike, I wouldn't go crazy with the mods …shhhhhhhhhh I still want lots more !!!
Victory Chrome Bungee Studs

Kuryakyn® Chrome ISO® Flame Grips

Kuryakyn Kewlock Grip End Helmet Lock for ISO Grips

Pair Flame Stem Mirrors 4 Kingpin

Victory Stage 1 Drag System (pipes, chrome breather, map)


Victory Kingpin Windshield Mid-height - old style

Victory Quick Detach Windshield Brackets
Victory Motorcycles Kingpin Chrome Fender Tip
Arlen Ness Spring Loaded Flame Pegs for Passenger

Not really a part but purchased service manual - nice to have
Motorcycle Inspection Tag Sticker Plate Stainless Steel - h8 Virginia sometimes
Arlen Ness Victory Kingpin Triple Tree Cover Chrome

hrome Battery Box Cover
2 Chrome Cam Chain Adjuster Cover
Chrome Clutch Arm Cover
Colored Plug Wires - Blue
Victory Dipstick Thermometer
Arlen Ness Billet Chrome Flame Engine Cover Badge Set
Chrome RH Axle Cover
Front "Push In" Long Chrome Spikes for front axle
Rear Axle Nut Cover
Oval Chrome Rear Axle Washer
Spike Bolt Caps for gas cap
Drive Pulley Chrome Bolt Caps
Brake Rotor Mount Chrome Bolt Caps
Rocker Cover Chrome Bolt Caps
Motor Mounts Bolt Chrome Caps
Victory Motorcycle Windshield Bag

2875006 - Victory Tach
Kingpin - Victory Black Time/Temp Fork Caps

Victory V-Logo Oil Cooler Cover

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Smoked the Windshield and Taillight. Coming next week is gonna be smoking the turn signals and putting the lid liners in and the ipod cables and hopefully......if it ever comes in.......the passenger backrest and luggage rack.
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