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Hey guys, I like to ask around about what others do to keep their bikes runnin' and lookin' good, and here's my take on the clean & shine subject;
I was washing my bike using a combination of Comet cleanser and pine oil, but the smell knocked me out several times. :- (
Somehow I just can't seem to get the lustre back that it once had. I sure did clean up fast though, and smelled mountain fresh for weeks!
Mom said to quit mixing stuff together if'n it knocks me out, soooo, I did what a HD friend of mine recommended and I used a bar of Lava wrapped in a gunny sack, still no shine. But later I figgered a good cheap way to bring the shine back.
Ya see, I only make about 10 bucks an hour here at the radio station, so all my dough goes to my bike and car payments and insurance. That's why I can't afford Meguiar's and those other high falutin' waxes. So I mixed up a batch of olive oil and Crisco lard and slathered that on it. It seems to shine okay now, but the desert dust out here in Nevada always seem to coat it. The coating kinda melts and drips on the hot days above 105, so I just tell folks my bike is sweating. There is a danger to this, 'cause I gotta make sure and be careful don't step in the drip-off, or my boot soles get all slippery, and slip off of the floorboard. Whoo-weee, I looked like a kid ridin' a bike downhill without brakes for the first time, legs flailing to high heavens!
(I was gonna use some bacon grease, but my friend that HD friend used that once and he couldn't keep dogs from chasin', bitin', and licking his bike. He said he also tried coconut butter, but the fruit flies coated it so bad, it looked like he had a fuzzy Hog! Fuzzy Hog, now you know that's funny, everybody knows Hogs have bristles!! Ha Ha!)
Yup, sure can learn a lot from asking around! I admire my HD buddies, they've always got a quick fix to keep a bike on the road.
But I'm starting to think my HD friend is just joshin' me about using the Lava soap and the gunny sack. I figgered he was trickin' me when I caugt him using WD-40 to shine his bike last week. I think I'll borrow my friend's steam cleaner next week, strip the olive oil/Crisco coating off and try the WD-40 next!
All in fun,

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