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Selecting the right combination of parts makes a big difference.

Discussion in 'Garage' started by crosscountryla, Oct 13, 2020.

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    2014 cross country tour
    Rylan at the Victory shop posted this on Face Book.

    A couple of lessons here. Same kind of bike - two different combinations. Lesson one: This is why we try not to pay attention to peak numbers as much as we look at the lines on the graph. At first glance of the peak numbers, they both make 106hp. But if you pay attention to the lines you can see that one bike (blue) makes massively more torque in the low and mid range than the other bike (red). 22 more torque at a very usable 3500 rpms makes these two bikes radically different in the way they produce power!

    Second lesson: Pick the right combination. Both bikes are 2005-2007 Vegas 100" models. Both feature the Andrews 413 cam. But the owner of the blue bike took my recommendation on intake and exhaust and tune, whereas the red bike went with the ol' "air in, air out" theorem. Blue bike has
    torque tubes, ECM mod, and a good exhaust (
    Big Slash). The red bike kept the stock ECM, went with the S&S airbox, and 2-2 baffle-less exhaust. What a difference!

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    PROOF that the Torque Tubes are flat out f**king awesome
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